Building Fire Compliance

Image courtesy of Business Insider


An aspect of commercial property ownership (and even leasing) that seems to be coming up more and more often is building fire compliance. Most leases include clauses that stipulate that the tenant must give the landlord a certificate of fire compliance currency, inspection records, etc. Also, we are finding that as part of insurance renewals, the brokers and insurance companies themselves are asking for a fire compliance certificate as well. 

I am asked several times each month if I can recommend anyone other than the franchises that specialise in this and until now, I have not had a contact in this field. However, recently I met a fireman who also runs a specialist fire compliance business. One of my clients with a free-standing building of 12 units needed a compliance certificate for his insurance company and we gave David Cooper from Zig Zag Test & Tag the go-ahead to comply the building. He worked with the tenants who were not always onsite, replaced several extinguishers, installed relevant signage and mountings if missing or damaged, and issued a certificate of compliance. The owner of this complex's comments to me by email afterwards are as follows:

"Good bloke...fair price. I would recommend him and thank you once again for directing him my way"

His company and contact details are below:
Zig Zag Test and Tag
Electrical Contractor Lic 75368
Fire Services BSA Lic 1231851
David Cooper - 0425 022 416

I hope this is of help if you are in need of a fire compliance specialist! Look out in our upcoming blog posts and on our Facebook page for more of my local trades and services recommendations.

- Brendon