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Slow Internet in Industrial Areas

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If you have been experiencing slow internet speed at your commercial property, we finally have a local contact that may be able to help you out. 

After a referral from one of our clients, we gave Jayson from Quantility Group the opportunity to attempt...


Top Five Investment Mistakes

Like any form of property investment, buying commercial property can be tricky and can catch even the most experienced investors. Simple mistakes are generally the most common and often relate to a lack of due diligence before the purchase, not the actual running and maintenance of the property. So, what are the most common mistakes when it comes to commercial property investment?


PRO in the Gold Coast Bulletin

Thank you to the Gold Coast Bulletin for the editorial on our sale of the final M1 Business Precinct site! It was great to work with Rhett Butler from Ravia Property Group again, who was ecstatic with his great purchase. 



Building Fire Compliance

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An aspect of commercial property ownership (and even leasing) that seems to be coming up more and more often is building fire compliance. Most leases include clauses that stipulate that the tenant must give the landlord a certificate of fire c...


Maximising Your Warehouse Space

When carrying out inspections, one thing that we have noticed of late is that many commercial property owners aren’t taking full advantage of their warehouse or factory area. To help address this, we have prepared a list of ideas for how you can make the most of your space and save money in the process.  
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